Saturday, July 01, 2006

Surprise Suprise

We have the World Cup semi finalists lined up and there are surprises galore!
The Winners
1. Germany - Today they may look good, but they were never expected to do this well
2. Italy - Always a solid team, but this time they were woefully out of form
3. Portugal - No one and I mean no one expected them to get this far!
4. France - An ageing teams calls back players out of retirement and guess what...

The Losers
1. Argentina - One the most in form team and errors by coach causes their exit
2. Ukraine - hmmm.... laugh
3. England - Seeded high alright, but they just didnt click as a team.
4. Brazil - what?? confused out of the world cup? You must be kidding me!!

But I need to take some time off to gloat here... please let me indulge myself. cool

I did say that Portugal was my most favorite team and more importantly I did say that Brazil would not win the world cup. People who have talked to me know that I keep praising the Italian defence and that no team will ever get an easy goal against them, and if the Azzuris manage tto score one, they can soak all the pressure for as long as you want. Only the german performance has surprised me. With Ballack injured and Kahn not playing I didnt think Germans had anybody to go back to. I could not have been more wrong...

I will get back with my take on the semis, but now that I seem to be on a roll with the predictions, I think I'll take my time. nasty
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avz said...

Ger will win d00d...part of the influence is i guess is due to the home ground and home crowd...

Ajay said...

Germany is a good bet, but I would think that France and Portugal are two teams who each have something that Germany cannot counter.
1. France - Experience of Big Stage and Zidane
2. Portugal - Resilient Attack and Scolari

I think the likes of Podolski and Schweinsteiger(spelling wrong?) will come a cropper under the pressure cooker of the finals i.e. if they get through. BTW, I support the Azzuris against Germany. :-)