Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lara.. Kya Mara

Dravid must consider talking to Sunita Menon to change the luck of the indian team, i.e. if dravid were to believe that a ex gulf-air air hostess could predict anything more than the well proven fact "A sucker is born every minute". Let me not lose focus... this is a cricket post...

Lara just played a masterful but quite uncharacteristic knock for the windies. There are 18 more overs left in the day, and I think he has averted a certain defeat, ofcourse with the rain gods playing the abettors.

Anybody watch the Brazil match? It was one of the most disappointing matches I have seen. We hear so much about the brazilian team, but I felt that they have some heavyweights(ronaldinho, kaka) and some "heavy"weights(ronaldo, adriano). I am going to make this bold prediction after having seen the first match brazil has played... Brazil is NOT gonna win this world cup. :-))

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