Saturday, July 15, 2006

Our Leaders!

The Mumbai blasts will not fade away for some time to come and left to the politicians they will have it reverberate in our minds as long as needed. Minutes after the blast happened, Advani who was in the middle of a speech somewhere, changes the course of his speech. He was on a "repair BJP image" mode of speech and the skilled orator that he is, changed to pointing fingers at the Congress for lenient policy! The was followed by the BJP starting a nationwide campaign with BJP leaders visiting all corners of the country and showcasing the irresponsibility of the government. Hey BJP, how about helping Mumbai get back on its feet before you go lamblasting the government?? Seeing this obvious politicisation of the incident, Congress squarely attacks the insensitivity of the BJP and shows its concern by having the PM visit Mumbai. But surprise surprise, the entire route that the PM took was covered with posters of "Welcome PM" mixed with "Mumbai is resilient" slogans. Hey Congress, Isnt this politicising?? With the two heavyweights going at it, the jokers by the side had to make some noise! Mr. Mulayam Singh desperately needs the minority vote in his state and finds this as the best possible time to swing into action. He first tells that SIMI has nothing to do with the blasts and is not a terrorist organisation. He then withdraws (or plans to) all cases that the state of UP has on SIMI. Hey Mulayam, still have a heart in there... somewhere??

I think if the state of India has to effectively fight this terrorism, it needs a martyr of political value. Something like what Indira Gandhis death did to Khalistan terrorists or what Rajiv Gandhis death did to the LTTE!
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Reshma said...

Indian politicians are good for nothing. They just know to fight each other. They dont feel for India like Rajiv Gandhi. Hope a leader comes up in the near future who actually feels for India. I think somebody from the younger generation should come up to lead India.

vjoshi said...

I don't think Rajiv Gandhi thought anything for India.

All I remember him for is:
- Bofors
- Babri Masjid
- Shah Bano

I personally feel that the Gandhi family is inheriting the leadership mantle on the basis of their last name rather than on capability - and that's one reason why Indian democracy is flawed - its a pseudo-monarchy.