Monday, June 12, 2006

The story till now...

The Soccer World Cup is on full swing and the most impressive show has come from the African continent. We have had Cameron and Nigeria show their magic in the past and now its the chance for Ivory Coast, Angola, Ghana, Togo and Tunisia to represent Africa. We are yet to see the last two show their wares, but from what we have seen the politically beleaguered African continent has taken to this sport in a big way.

Ivory Coast played some fantastic football against the Argentinians. Drogba true to his reputation lead the team fantastically essaying the role of a play maker to the "T". A little more luck(they missed some easy ones), we would have had our first upset victory of the world cup. Portugal(my favorite) played ok, but the Angolans played some very heartening football and deserved to get a draw. As I write this, I am seeing the Italy vs Ghana match and the Ghanaians are playing some superb football. They have created chance after chance, but have not got the experience to finish it! Italy just scored a goal now, but the half belonged more to Ghana. Here are three world cup newbies giving three of the most experienced world cup sides more than a run for their victories! As Nadal would say, Vamos Africa.... Bravo!

My opinion:
1. Most entertaining match - Argentina vs Ivory Coast
2. Most unlucky team - Sweden ..... most gutsy team - Trinidad and Tobago
3. Most boring team - England
4. Most true to form team - Argentina
5. Most consistent team(s) - Italy and Germany
6. Most missed team - Nigeria

We are yet to see the Brazilians and French and a lot more matches to go. But, what will not change is the lion hearted performances from these african young guns!

p.s: To clarify, Brazil is everyones obvious favorite, hence the challenge is to pick your second best team and thatz were Portugal comes. :-)
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