Thursday, June 29, 2006

ThankYou and GoodBye

Today is the last day in office of the person who has been the lone crusader against corruption in Bangalore. LokAyukta Justice Venkatachalam is retiring. TOI reports that the corrupt babus are cowering in hotels or fleeing out of station fearing last minute action from the uncompromising hero.

The political apathy of course continues. In spite of the very hard work put in by LokAyukta, the babus caught in the act are still very much at large as the justice system/government in not acting fast enough. To add to this, there apparently are some legal hiccups that prevent the Upa LokAyukta from taking over office of the LokAyukta. The same 'dont care a damn' attitude resulted in BATF, though resurrected, no longer being what it was. I hope LokAyukta doesnt go this path....

From the heart of a true blood Bangalorean, I salute the work that Justice Venkatachalam has put in over the last 2-3 years! worthyThank You Sir!
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Deep said...

A lone Shining Knight amidst the Crowd... Never heard of him before though.. thanks for the Gyan.. Dude..