Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Killing The "Golden Egg" Hen

There are rumours afloat that J K Rowling is going to kill the character of Harry Potter in the next edition of the Harry Potter Series. Now why would she do something as stupid as that?? surprised

Why is this stupid you ask? Well, this lady has not been anywhere near success till this Harry Potter thing hit it big. Somehow she has touched the right chord among the kids and hence she has got as far as the 7th book! Also, the films have helped her no end in selling more of her books. She now is getting greedy and hence wants more publicity. She tells she is going to kill two characters and her publishers start the rumour that Harry Potter could be one of the casualties. Either way, I would be very very surprised if she manages another book worth a mention after the Harry Potter series. Its like Dan Brown has written lotsa books, but that does not mean that everyone of them is as interesting a read as "The Da Vinci Code"!

As my friend Rishi would say, "Ms. Rowling doing a modern day Kalidasa", cutting the branch on which he sat. laugh
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Krithiga said...

I'm leaving my first ever comment in your blog - I wish I could say, "absolutely, I agree". But sadly, I don't.

JK Rowling wants to kill off Harry Potter because she doesn't want anyone to write about him after she dies. And this is the not the first time an author is doing it, because Agatha Christie killed off her Golden Hen Hercule Poirot too. And Sherlock Holmes as well.

"She now is getting greedy and hence wants more publicity."

Not really. She doesn't make any public appearance. Rarely she does. If Harry Potter books sold from Day 1, it is because of her rich imagination and gripping narration. i.e. the books' worth. She already was a famous author even before Warner Bros. bought the movie rights.

Her creativity hasn't dried up completely. She has finished another novel (Non Harry Potter stuff i.e.) for much younger children.

One question: Have you read all six books that's released? Forget the hype. Media always tends to do that. Read the book for the book's sake. And then call JK Rowling "greedy".

Ajay said...

Hi Krithiga,

Thanks for the comments and thanks for the bashing. ;-)

Actually, I haven't read the books and barely seen a whole movie of the series. She has gone on record with how she struggled to put together 3 meals a day before the Harry Potter series. If she is killing Harry Potter because she does not want anyone to write more stuff based on him... then well, she is the Bill Gates kinda person and not Linus Torvalds. I just moved from XP to Ubuntu at home. Maybe that is source of my total contempt for Ms.Rowling. :-)

In the end I blame media for misleading me, i.e. if it has. If we dont trust the media... well, we would have a loooot of reading to do and isnt reading some sorta media? :-))

I want to see one more series from her that is good before I believe in her talent.

dipanjan said...

with all jk rowling talents i think in india we have lot more kid fairytale and much more interesting and gripping.....now if only all the regional stories are printed in one lang.