Sunday, July 23, 2006

Destabilization Catalysts

The umbrella organization Al-Qaeda has now managed to get an outfit or more working for it in almost every country. Call it Lashkar-e-Toiba or SIMI in India, Islamic Jehad in Uzbekistan or Moroccon Islamic Combatant Group in Morocco or Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in Libya etc. But what they also count on is local destabilization factors. For e.g. we have Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.

As it stands, Mumbai is a favourite of terrorists when it comes to bomb blasts. I wonder if any other major city in the world which is not involved in any civil war or any across the border conflicts has got bombed as badly as Mumbai over the last 15 years! Now, Mumbai does deserve a lot of the anger thrown at it, but not bomb blasts! When the cosmopolitan melting pot that is Mumbai is trained into believing itself to be narrow minded, what results are communal riots and general disagreements over the smallest of issues. For e.g. "Somebody" supposedly vandalised Meenatai(Bal Thakareys late wife) statue. As a result, Shiv Sena ended up vandalising the rest of Mumbai! This kind of ideology polarizes thoughts and that forms for a intolerant society. This intolerance when mixed with heady religious justifications results in the terrorist groups getting help and support within the country! Now, the reports of our defence establishments being infiltrated by militants is serious but is less dangerous than the common man helping these forces.

If the terrorist organizations are spreading terror, they are doing so using the catalyst effect that many mainstream right-wing parties inadvertently cause!

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