Monday, January 26, 2009

Right Steps

Life has been happening and hence blogging has taken the second seat, no wait... third seat... no wait... its still waiting for a seat. ;-)

Coming to what I wanted to write about, dunno if you folks have noticed this, but there has been a rather strong message coming from the government and government supported agencies to do the right thing.

For e.g. I noticed the Ads on TV to try stopping domestic violence and if I may try profiling the audience, they have tried to target the less fearing and more outspoken younger brigade by playing them on channels like MTV. Not so long ago, there were many Ads on Consumer Awareness which is something very desperately needed in India. I have always found the after sales service in India close to robbery with none of the vendors caring a rats ass for the customer once the sale is done. Then there are Ads to initiate people into voting with "Jaago Re" series and also Ads on making people aware off and less embarrassed to talk and use condoms with "Condom Condom" series.

A much needed and well directed series of initiatives.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

HNY 2009!

All you folks have a great year ahead! I will try to be more regular with posts here than I was last year [for better or worse ;-)].

But I am too lazy to actually make it a new year resolution..... Yet! :-)