Sunday, July 16, 2006

Movie Review: Superman Returns

After a long time I hit the movies this weekend, went to have a look at the man who got the concept of underwear all wrong. wink big nose It was a longish movie and it didn't necessarily get through like a breeze.

The hero has got such an uncanny resemblance to the predecessor, Christopher Reeve. The heroine is a little too skinny and I happen to see her on one of the red carpet shows on TV today and she is even thinner than in the movie! The movie has the usual faster that the bullet, lifts heavy stuff, blows away fire, burns through rock with eyes, see through opaque etc. in good dosage. The story is humongo boring with most of the movie tending towards the heroine fight against infidelity. Kevin Spacey as the only superman villain worth his salt, Lex Luthor, has done a great job as expected. He has a bunch of goons helping him and a lass to boot. The only reason we need to bother about the goons is Kal Penn, he is an American of Indian origin trying to make it big in Hollywood. I think he is next only to Naveen Andrews among the actors with some desi connection in Hollywood.

The movie starts off with Superman coming back from his long vacation and taking up his old job. He finds that his flame, Lois Lane is not married, but has a kid and a full-time boyfriend. Lois Lane still has the hots for Superman and most of the story revolves around fighting this attraction. While Superman is busy romancing and saving the odd person from death, Lex Luthor is out of jail and is back to his evil ways. His idea is to use the kryptonite crystals that forms the basis for land mass and more to create a new land mass and sell it to the world leaders, as land is always at a premium. He also manages to somehow figure out that some meteor that fell in ethiopia is actually the green crystal from Superman home planet which is fatal to Superman. Superman is still too busy romancing his lost love and does not see this impeding problem. Again, in a very loosely explained way, Lois Lane ends up with her son on the boat that is actually going to be used by Lex Luthor for his big plan. Superman and boyfriend comes to the rescue and save the lady and son, the boyfriend can fly a plane and also has a plane (ain't that convenient)! In the process, Lois comes to know(didn't she know already??) that the son is actually Superman's. Superman tries to fight Lex on this new landmass created, but since the land mass is created using both the white and green crystals, Superman is helpless and gets his ass kicked. The now escaped Lois lane convinces her boyfriend to turn the plane around to save superman (All of 200+ pounds) who is surprisingly stopped from drowning and in fact saved by Lois Lane(100 pounds or lesser). Anywayz, after being saved, Superman attacks Lex again, and this time he somehow manages to not lose his strength around this land mass. Now, its not explained how he manages this and I guess we are not expected to question either. Lex again escapes(of course we cannot end this franchise) and Superman ends up being in coma in some hospital.

Now at the end of all this, Superman does not die, Lex Luthor does not die, Lois Lane still has the hots for superman, the boyfriend is still around, the child does not know that his father is superman, and all in all, nothing has changed! So, yes, the end was kinda meaningless! Overall, the movie had good special effects, but we come to expect that these days. There is not much of acting to be done, so that is also okayish. I think this movie is a 6.3/10 and could only be lesser.

The next movie I am looking forward to is "The Devil Wears Prada", my friend Baligs suggests that it is a good movie. So, waiting for that to release...
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