Saturday, July 08, 2006

The month that was...

It has been a month and some of very engrossing football and its finally coming to an end. I believe this world cup has made the biggest dent into the cricket following in India. Now, if the broadcasters were to take the cue and start popularising the sport by bringing the copa america and african nations cup along with the euro circuit, we definitely have a winner.

Here are some useless but nonetheless arguable titles this world cup(my take).

Best Forward: Henry & Klose
Gonna Be: Podolski & Robinho
Best Midfielder: Zidane
Gonna Be: Van Persie & Christiano Ronaldo
Best Defender: Cannavaro
Gonna Be: Zambrotta
Best Goalkeeper: Buffon
Gonna Be: Ricardo

Best Match: Italy vs Germany
Honourable Mention: Brazil vs France, Ivory Coast vs Netherlands
Worst Match: Ukraine vs Switzerland
Biggest Pop: Podolski
Biggest Dud: Ronaldinho
Most Ineffective: Pauleta

My Dream Team: (4-4-2)
1. Buffon
2. Cannavaro
3. Zambrotta
4. Thuram
5. Lahm
6. Zidane
7. Robben
8. Christiano Ronaldo
9. Ballack
10. Henry
11. Klose

Substitutes: Ricardo(G), Mertesacker(D), Ayala(D), Van Persie(M), Essien(M), Podolski(F), Robinho(F)
Coach: Marcelo Lippi

Though the World Cup has more or less progressed as expected(at least for me), I have to admit that I feel very much for 3 teams, Brazil, Argentina and Germany. Two south american teams let down by pedestrian coaches and one let down by lack of experience. I have not supported Germany all this cup and now predict that the next world cup belongs to Germany!

As Africa awaits us... our longing over the next 4 years starts.

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