Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sacrificial Lambs ... HUMANS!

13 yrs and 4 months later the financial heart of India is attacked AGAIN!! 7 blasts in all and of course they were planned. The usual suspects are LeT, ISI and Dawood. I thought we had our toll of blasts for a few days to come when we had serial blasts in Srinagar today, but looks like it was just a precursor to the real terror planned!

The terror networks have always tried to sensationalize any such attack and hence they seem to believe in serial blasts, 9/11, 7/7 and now these! As the world leaders supposedly unite (while playing their respective political cards) against the terror groups, the terror groups also seem to be uniting against anyone and everyone. And right now, I think the terror groups are doing a better job! angry

As sad this event is, its also very very enraging! The helplessness of the Indian public against such attacks is appalling. A few months back there was one bomb blast in Bangalore and even then I felt this rage taking over.

We can't wield guns! We can't expect the terrorists to stop! We can't trust the administration to prevent! We can't trust the police to protect! What are we to do?

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