Thursday, July 06, 2006

Power Of Google

I have used only 2 search engines in all my Internet life. I started way way back with Altavista and switched to google during its very earliest of beta days at stanford. Googles webcrawling helps people find the weirdest of information from every corner of the internet. Looks like all this webcrawling actually helps people land up at the right corner, my blog! smile

Somebody wanted the great Sunita Menons prediction on who will win the Portugal vs Germany 3rd place match on Saturday. The search on google by this person was "who will win portugal germany sunita menon". Guess what the first hit was?? party

Now, I am sure not many football fans would want to think that Page 3 celebrity Sunita Menon can predict the outcome of the very intense world cup matches while filing her finger nails! But this person sure wanted to know and if you have such crazy questions then google will point you to the craziest of sites. cool

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