Sunday, October 29, 2006

Home sweet home

Finally home and feels great to be back! The last month or so has been hectic at work and hate that as being the reason for me not doing things that I wanna do, including blogging. But none the less, the time has come to pass and am back in my comfort zone.

The travel back was a lot more comfortable than expected, maybe because I was looking forward to being back. Also, I had a 20 hour waiting time in Singapore designed specifically for folks who want to spend some time around Singapore. Me of course have done these 1 day Singapore trips thrice already and chose to spend the time at the airport itself. If you remember my onward to US journey experience, there were just 2 of us Indians in the flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. Most coincidentally, the same chap was on the same itinerary as me on the way back too. We looked at each other, both were surprised for a bit and then continued to be strangers. It was a weird coincidence though.

Spent yesterday catching up on the previews of all the new movies and desi music videos and also cricket. Right now I am watching the India vs Australia match and the match is right now at the boring middle stage where nothing seems to be happening. Come to think of if, I have come to read a couple of articles, one I remember to be from boycott, on how boring this championship has been. And seeing the crowds for yesterdays match, it was quite clear that there was some truth in the articles. I tell you... each passing year and I see cricket losing its steam and cricketers their charm. Oh well... I guess India will have to get good in some other sport which has more than 8 teams playing it!

In all the TV viewing yesterday I could that there were many new ads peppering the screen. One of the one that caught the eye was the India exclusive Xbox Ad! Watch it!

Microsoft spending money for an India only Ad? Wow! Indian market in the Microsoft radar is good. But it also means that Microsoft will come pretty hard on all the pirated XPs around. nose smile

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Long break

That must have been one of the longest stretches of me not blogging. Work has been hectic and since my daily routine is broken, I really don't find the time to blog. This should be all over in another week or so, phew....

Its 2:30PM on Saturday and I am heading to office! Anywayz... should be back on the circuit soon. Don't know how many readers I have lost, but those I have not, hang in there..... nose smile

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Sunday, October 01, 2006


I have spent the better part of Sunday glued to the TV set. One thing nice about this place, there is always TV to watch! For e.g. lets say you like a specific serial on Television, but never get a chance to see every episode. What would be the best way to catch up? One option is to download the whole thing online (probably illegally) or come to fatherland.

I have seen this on every visit, and this time in no different. At the end of a season(for the non-TV types, these are series of episodes and not weather cool) there is a re-run of every episode of that season. Today, a channel here has a re-run of the entire season of "Law&Order-Special Victims Unit". Helps you get past the slow days without having to pretend to be active, Niiiice! I can't imagine any program other than cricket that has the popularity to be able to run(re-run) for 48 hours across a weekend in India!

But what caught my eye and hence the subject of this post was the thoughtfulness that is built into the general lifestyle here. For e.g. I had to mute the TV for some reason and what I see immediately is captioning turning on automatically! Captioning is the text form or subtitles for programs that come on television. Its part of the feed that comes via cable. In better TVs, you can choose to have only audio, audio+text and only text. While the audio+text option helps us understand the myriad of accents that are heard on TV, the only text option is a boon to all the deaf people who want to enjoy television. A very small thing (once the infrastructure is built/enforced) but could make a big difference to many!

... back to TV now.

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