Friday, March 30, 2007


Work has been hectic and haven't been able to pay much attention to things outside of it(which includes this blog). But when I saw this, I just had to post it.

The tail of the comet(so to speak), never ends but doesn't amaze as the head and yet is still part of the comet.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Am I seeing the right scores???

!!Did India get beaten by Bangladesh and Pakistan get beaten by Ireland!!

Wonder how many crores of property is gonna get destroyed back home today. There must a few hawaldars posted in and around the Dravid residence. But Kaifs parents must be relieved that their house is safe. The most happy lot though would be the Bongs! Bangladesh won and to top it off Dada was the only top order player who stood his ground.

But who can blame the rest populous for going berserk after such a pitiful performance!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Throw a stone...

There is a very famous quote about Bangalore and the high concentration of software engineers in the city. "You throw a stone in the air on brigade road and its likely to fall on the head of a software engineer". Luckily we don't have people taking the quote literally and they seem to take it at face value. :-)

Anywayz, had a similar experience in the US couple of days back. I was trying to get hold of a colleague (a desi) at around midnight US time and I dialed his number. I had accidentally dialed a couple of numbers in the wrong order and was of course oblivious of my mistake. A few seconds later a desi picks the call up and I start off confidently explaining the reason for my call. The guy at the other end is flabbergasted and is all silent. He then goes "Which number do you want?" I immediately realize my mistake and give my thousand apologies and cut the call. I then start browsing up something and some 5-10 minutes later, call the number again and guess what, I make the same mistake again! This poor chap must have cursed me the last time and gone back to bed and I wait till he would have started falling into REM sleep and I call again. :-)) This time he asked for the number more firmly and when I did blurt it out, he angrily pointed to my mistake and I gave him a thousand and one apologies and didn't repeat the same cycle after another 10 minutes. :-)

Imagine me getting a wrong number and the probability of a desi picking it! But this has cleared any doubts if any in my mind, that, the next time anyone asks me where in the US I am at, I will confidently tell them Suryanagar a.k.a Sunnyvale!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Future

This just blew me away!

p.s: Contribution from Dimpy. :-)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Smart Cheats!

I have always been a deal hunter and there are sites that I visit regularly looking for the stuff I yearn for. One of the sites I regularly visit is bestbuy. They are big online and also have just as many stores as circuitcity or frys. They house all kinds of gadgets and have some good deals every now and then especially on laptops. But last week some news broke out which really changes my opinion!

Bestbuy confirms that they have a secret website. Basically, you check out a deal at from home and it says "$100 discount". You now rush to their store and ask the sales executive for the deal. The executive says that there is no such deal and tells you to show the deal from a kiosk available at the store. You access and to your surprise the deal is not there! You go home either buying without the discount or thinking that you are blessed with rotten luck. What the folks at bestbuy do is that they route your request from one of their kiosks to a local website which doesn't carry all the deals that you would see at their regular website. The idea being to get you out of your couch and into their store and then betting on your laziness to come in again and just buy whatever is available!

Damn bestbuy.... just when you had gotten the better of circuitcity, you do this?? You deserve to go down cheats!! ;-)

Missed a Laugh

I have been watching a few stand-up comedians on Showtime. There was this lady, Sarah Silverman with "Jesus is Magic". She was good, but she had to be very very offensive to get as funny as she got. Then saw this guy, Alex Raymundo with "Hick-Spanic". He too was not bad, but was over obsessed with foul language and always getting the "oooooh" response from the crowd rather than the laughs. You watch these people and then you think, is there going to be another Seinfeld of Ellen DeGeneres ?

Hopefully Bangalore, Mumbai and mid next week Delhi would have an answer to this. :-). Russell Peters is touring India!! I had this on my calendar almost 6 months back and I got a rude email reminder last month end about the show, which I have now conveniently missed. :-(

I have seen Russell Peters videos and he is really very very good. Probably coz I could relate to many a thing he does. His modus operandi revolves around racism and he doesn't spare people of any ethnicity. He seems to play it safe with religion and stays far away from jokes which could offend religious sentiments. Probably Sarah with her Jewish tinge and Alex with the Latino touch could also have the same effect for people with the same ethnicity.

C'mon Showtime, soothe me. Get me stand-ups who can make me laugh and not just comment "Thatz very bold!".