Thursday, July 27, 2006

New FM

Nope... nothing to do with Mr.P.Chidambaram. nose smile

Bangalore has a new FM station, Radio One [Freq: 94.3]. This is probably the reason why Radio Mirchi is moving from 93.3 to 98.3 from August 1st. Wonder which media group is behind Radio One?

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ZPhenomenon said...

Zahir here. Hi do you have the email id of Radio one? Do visit my blog its

Anonymous said...

i'm not so sure... it might be coz Radio Mirchi already operates on 98.3 MHz in other cities... so they may have opted to retain that consistency in Bangalore too... coz in technical terms 1 MHz of difference is more than enuf to isolate two radio stations... else Radio One wouldn't have got 94.3 MHz in da first place if it would've interfered with Mirchi's signal... can anyone corroborate this?

Ajay said...

subzero: This is their URL and they have an email id if you are an investor. :-)

Vijay: I agree. Technically less than 1MHz also should be more than good enough. It must be to do with branding.