Saturday, July 29, 2006

Movie Review: Lady In The Water

I haven't missed any of Manoj Night Shyamalan's movies to day and no amount of review would have scared me away from his latest creation either. One thing that was known about "Lady In The Water" was that it did not have the "expected" twist in the story. This was a bit of a surprise and a possible spoilsport. We nonetheless took the chance and advance booked tickets for Saturday.

The movie starts with the very boring life of an apartment upkeep superintendent. The residents have some oddity or the other and the introduction is quick and no time is wasted. He is appraised of someone fooling around in the pool after swimming hours and decides to catch the perpetrator. In one of his usual rounds he does find somebody in the pool and in the process slips and falls into the pool. Next he finds himself in his bed with this "lady", a narf, watching over him. She gives him some hint of how she is from the blue world. He then conveniently finds a chinese lady who stays in the same apartment complex, who seems to remember a story her grandmother told her in more vivid detail than believable. Anywayz, our hero slowly but steadily figures out everything to know about the "lady in the water". She is here to find a writer and the hero helps find this writer, who is played by Shyamalan himself! Usually he has kept himself to a couple of scenes in his earlier movies, but here, he over does his exposure a bit.

The story from now on is to get "Story", name of the narf, back to wherever she came from. Her path to her world is blocked by a rouge scrunt which does not follow the rules of the blue world and earth. The guardians of these laws are tartutics, who are supposed to born out of evil. For some reason, these law keepers don't seem to stop the scrunt. To help the narf get back, our hero finds a healer, a guild, the sister pact, the interpreter etc etc. At this point, I am sure most of you who have seen the movie would be confused to the reason for existence of these characters. Trust me, I cannot clear this confusion and I doubt if watching the movie will either. So, I trust y'all to watch the movie and decide for yourself.

The movie as usual has got the Shyamalan touch to story telling and cinematography. It has enough scares and shrill sound effects, but not enough. The biggest disappointment has been the story. The story unveils itself in flashes, as the hero seems to somehow figure out why and how everything and everybody is connected. The humour is sometimes misplaced and kills the little suspense the director has managed to conjure up. Overall, the movie is an attempt to make a kiddish story appealing to adults and it fails somewhat in the process. Definitely the most disappointing of all of Shyamalans filsm films. I still give it a rating of 6.5/10, the extra 0.5 was for Manoj Night Shyamalan who dares to say a different story each time, "Lady In The Water" included. nose smile
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Reshma said...

I agree. The direction was upto his normal standards but the story was very kiddish. I would give this movie a rating of 5/10.