Sunday, July 23, 2006

The resurgence...

After Pulella Gopichand reached dizzying heights in the world of badminton and then had a very quick fall from the top, I had lost touch or interest in Indian Badminiton. To be fair to Gopichand, he fell off the top not because he played bad, but because he failed to adapt. This was when the IBF moved to 7 point games and the Indian shuttler never got off the blocks fast enough. This rule did not last long and badminton has now moved to 21 points game like Table Tennis and has also taken from T.T the winning of points on others serve. This was done to make the game more TV friendly and also faster.

I was watching Thomas Cup on TV the other day and saw two shuttlers Chetan Anand and Anup Sridhar in action against the fancied Denmark. Peter Gade(Ranked 3) beat Chetan Anand and Kenneth Johanssen beat Anup Sridhar. But to my surprise, both the matches were unexpectedly well fought and entertaining. Chetan is ranked a decent 23rd in the world and is still pretty young(25). Lets see how far he goes...

A resurgence in mens badminton and Saina Nehawal doing her bit would mean a lot to Indian Badminton and Indian Sport.

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