Monday, July 17, 2006

All in the family

If the world were a family, Bush would be the father, Blair would be the mother(Britons generally give that girlie feeling) and Israel would be their brat child. Now, what would parents do when their kids go around fighting with the neighbour(Lebanon) or neighbour's kid(Hizbollah)? First they would try to reason with the child to stop the fighting. In this case, they realize that the child is going to be in a bad mood for many days to come and its better to shout at the neighbour rather than their child. Ofcourse the Bush-Blair kid and their neighbour's kid study in the same school(Middle east) and the matter is brought up in the PTA i.e. Parent Teachers Association(G8 Summit). The Principal(Kofi Annan) wants this problem to be solved so that he can move on to topics more close to heart(Many African nations in turmoil). He therefore wants the Bush-Blair kid to stop the fighting and he wants the neighbour's kid to also stop the fighting and in the process get the accolades for having stopped the fight before he retires(Annan is due to retire soon).

Since the PTA has still not come to a consensus on what needs to be done, the angry parents have a chat about the situation and being as dumb as they are, the whole world now knows what the really think about the Principal, the PTA, the neighbour, the neighbour's kid and their kid.

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