Monday, July 03, 2006


I upload all my photos at riya and have chosen it for 4 main reasons.
1. Ability to keep photos private
2. No disk usage limitations
3. Nice photo presentation(I dont really use their tagging funda much)
4. Its geeky. cool

Now, their ceo, Munjal Shah has a blog and he writes the happenings and directions at riya and some of them are very compelling reading. For e.g. he has a write up on the excitement, pressure, hardwork and sweet taste of success before riya went live and also strategic change (typical startup) within weeks after launch. He has split it up into 6 sections and they form some very compelling reading. He is taking for ever to come up with the 6th episode, hence posting the first 5. Read them at leisure.

Episode 1: March 21 6am PST to March 28 6am
Episode 2: March 28th 6am to April 4th
Episode 3: April 4th to April 11
Episode 4: April 11 to April 23
Episode 5: April 24 to May 15th

Now, though all this sounds nice, I am kinda screwed, since photo upload is no longer going to be riyas main business case, means, sites like flickr will forge ahead with new plans and ideas(on photo upload and sharing) and I will eventually have to make a move to one of them from riya. ermm
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Suchitra said...

Hi Ajay...tx a lot 4 the interest you show in my blog:) I have not done a joint blog too...and yes, it might be interesting. But I see from your profile that your interests are basically sports...and I'm not really a sporty kind of plz tell me if u have other interesets...if e strike a chord I guess we can think of a joint blog. Mail me at

Krithiga said...

When Gmail came about, a lot many of us shifted to it. Didn't we all get used to it? Don't worry, Riya does want lot of users, so they'll definitely think of all possible Flickr killers like making uploading easier than Flickr etc. Flickr will react back. That's the joy of being a part of Web 2.0

Ajay said...

The predicament today is that of all the web2.0 apps, we know only a few will survive. If we integrate our life"style" with these apps and they shut shop tomorrow, we will be left with a search for replacement and ofcourse migration. Thatz the worry. :-(