Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Reality Check

Woke up today morning to read the horrific news of the murder of a BPO staffer, Tanya Banerjee from Bangalore. This news immediately revived memories of the ghastly murder of another BPO staffer, Ms. Pratibha Murthy, late last year. It didnt take long for the usual course of events, with newspapers questioning the safety and security in Bangalore and again questioning the social responsibilities of the BPO firms to ensure the safety of their staffers.

I have been receiving mails about such incidents and also been seeing media reports. Though these incidents are disturbing and does leave us feeling vulnerable, don't you all think we are trying to live a dream by hoping for the best that life can offer today(in India) and also the level of security that was associated with Bangalore some 15 years ago? Take the incident that happened yesterday, the media report clearly states that she had a clandestine lifestyle and chose to ignore the security setup put forth by her employer, Aviva. If anyone puts themselves in a position where they could get killed and then gets killed, is the city to be blamed? I believe she would have got killed in any city! I can chose for arguments sake the other metros of India and pummel their security setup by describing the crimes that happen there. But then, that ain't the point!!

I am not claiming that Bangalore is the safest place around, but just that its like any other place in Urban India. The police staff need to tighten up and be strengthened. The employers need to continue to maintain and improve their security setup. But above all, the people need to be cautious in their choice of lifestyle!
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