Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thank You!

This journey took some 6+ months and we have now reached this milestone I once doubted we would ever reach. This is my 100th post! wink big nose

When I started on Sankranthi day early this year, I was looking for someway to amuse myself. Never did I think this amusement would last this long or transform itself into a more serious vehicle of expression. The initial excitement lasted some 3-4 posts and I soon realized that I was writing more for whoever was reading rather than me. Then a friend of mine, Baligs, mentioned that I should write what I want to write, when I want to write, how I want to write. Coming from a non-blogger it made a lot of sense, I think he was lucky in making sense. cool

From then on, I blogged when I wanted to blog. It was no longer a chore and was something I wanted to do, something I looked forward to. There were ups and downs though. Sometimes office work resulted in my absence from blogging and sometimes personal commitments. But 6 months on, I think I am a more mature blogger now and think I have the confidence to express myself and not necessarily what my readership wants to read. This has been the single most important learning from the whole blogging experience.

This is as good a time as any to thank all the readers of my blog, For reading what I had to say, giving me feedback, for not giving feedback. wink nose

Thank you again.... heart

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Anonymous said...

Congrats dude. 100 posts is a great achievement and hope for many more.

My favourites include your bangalore related stuff and movie reviews.

Just asking, do you have any statistics on hits to your blog ? why not install site-meter ?
(I know that you and most people blog for themselves, but knowing they have good viewership can be a nice ego booster :-)

Just another suggestion from a reader who has you bookmarked.

Keep rocking!

Ajay said...

Thanks dude...

I do have sitemeter on. See the tiny symbol at the very end of the blog, that gets me the stats on the readership. I also track feedburner and feedblitz to see the RSS readership and post-to-email readership. As you said... it helps.:-)

Reshma said...

Congrats on achieving the 100 mark :-)

Anila said...

Congrats! And I must say, it is getting better by the day! :-)

Ajay said...

Anila, I am sure your comment of it getting better day by day is coz I blogged about orkut. ;-)

Thanks anywayz... :-D