Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mixed Bag

Just finished watching the brazil - australia match and am not quite sure what to make of the match. Ok, brazil did win, but it was not a very convincing one. I think Ronaldo will not make it to the max number of goals in world cup. He was, as my friend put it, a "lumbering sloth", for the second match in a row! The minute robinho came in, the brazilian forward line seemed to have a purpose. Adriano, the heavyweight, did score, but then, he didnt actually show brazilian skill during the rest of the match. Ronaldinho is being wasted in midfield, he gets the ball many times, but all he can do from that position is to pass the ball or make a magnificent run. Even ronaldinho can't make a magnificent run everytime, and more often than not, he chooses to pass! If this is the best brazil has got, a team like argentina, with a strong defence and an equally stinging attack will take them to the cleaners!

On the other hand, I saw the other fancied player who failed to perform in the 1st match, Thiery Henry, score the first goal for france. Zidane looked tired and they need to absolutely play Trezeguet along with Henry up front.

Watch out for the big matches on the 20th(Sweden vs England) and 21st(Netherlands vs Argentina). Loving this world cup!

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Deep said...

Hey hi.. was checking if i could use this URL "" for my technical blogging and was just curious when I found it already taken...
Seriously, you articles on WEB2.0 and those on delicious was really helpful, myself also was under constraints with blogger.
I must say we do have a lots in common... let me guess you have a top end mobile "Sony Ericsson" by any chance ??!!
Nyways, awesome dude.. I think after I finish through your entire archive shall be linking you across with my existing blog...

Ajay said...

Hi Alpha,

You inferred quite right about my love for Sony Ericsson phones, my fascination with the creativity and guts of the web2.0 brigade etc etc. I bought a state of the art(then) T610 some 3+ years back. Since then, I am waiting for a phone which is sleek, true to media, PDA functions(not PIM) and WiFi connectivity. Now, there are very few which meet all these requirements and they inturn demand a certain requirement from my pocket which I seem to lack. :-)

I went through your blog and liked the outlay(more or less). One thing I regret is that when the impulse to blog came, I didnt really study through the available blogging options(maybe even blogdrive). As long as community gresemonkey scripts can do the job, I will continue with blogspot. :-)

BTW, Thanks for offering to link to my blog. :-)