Saturday, June 24, 2006


Loyalty in sports seems to be a bastion that only players hold. This could have something to do with the passion with which you have played the game, e.g. Kumble playing the windies all bandaged, Maradona playing Italy with a sore ankle etc etc. Once a player retires, he tries his hand at other professions, businesses and interests. More often than not, he ends up being a coach. Possibly coz 95% of the people are very good at only one thing in their lives and for a player its gotta be the sport he played. In simple words, he is good at nothing else... nasty

But nonetheless, if you are from a country which is very good at the sport you played (for e.g. brazil in football), then you are in good demand. The choice to make now is to choose whether you want to be a coach for your country or for some other country. More often than not, the choice would be the foreign country. There can be a few reasons for this:
1. There is too much pressure trying to coach your own country, expectations are too high.
2. The "other" country is more desperate to get you and hence you get paid better.
3. On success, the "other" country is more likely to potray you as the reason and not the players.
4. Once you have chose the "other" country, your market has just widened. There are many many "others" out there. wink

England vs Sweden - Sven Goran Ericksson is coaching Sweden England
Japan vs Brazil - Zico is coaching Japan
Mexico vs Argentina - Argentinian coach(dont know his name) is coaching Mexico

There are also the Guus Hiddinks of the world you bring a different underdog team to the world cup every time!

Now to the main question, where will your loyalties lie when the team you coach is playing the team you once played for?? Remember, this is loyalty towards your country that I am talking about and that is special. Can money buy this loyalty? suspicious


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