Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gadget Harvesting

The last few months have been very good for me in terms of gadgets. There are the stuff I have added to my collection. :-)

My Iriver T10 MP3 Player:

My Shure E2c In-Ear phones:

My Plantronics 640 bluetooth headset:

The last two were gifts from my wife to me and the first one, the MP3 player, is 'literally' my gift to her. :-)

Gadgets... a very very strong motivator to keep on earning money!
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Anonymous said...

nice earphones dude, though from afar they look like a pair of teeth :-) .. got to get me some

Ajay said...

Yeah..the earphones are damn good. Actually you can choose between shure and etymotic. Both are equally good. I also hear creative is entering this niche market with a 100$ offering. Check them out too.