Sunday, June 18, 2006

We need more world cups

Today I went all the way from Marathahalli(Outer Ring Road) to Hotel Capitol(Raj Bhavan Road), i.e. 16 kms in little less than 35 mins. Now, this is very good by Bangalore standards. We hardly had traffic throughout the distance which helped a great deal. Though there was a slight drizzle and heavy rain later, I believe the main reason was the world cup. Thanks to the attention craving media channels, which seem to suddenly love football and all the companies that have come up with umpteen contests promising tickets to the world cup, have resulted in this world cup being much much bigger in India than before. Everything that is promoted these days has an unrealistic sense to it, sort of like everything is being told like a fairytale. And in todays India, anything sells! All this is part of the race to get into the list of developed countries and I hope we dont do the same mistakes that the "other" asian giant has done.

Back to the infra scene in Bangalore, to be frank, it is getting better with lots of underpasses, road asphalting and widening happening all over the place. I hope its not too little too late.
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