Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend Vacation

Last weekend we (family) had been to Mysore. Since my wife works in Infosys, we got acco at Infosys, Mysore. We intended the trip to be a leisure weekend getaway rather than a sightseeing one. And what we got was exactly that!

Infy Mysore is just one amazing place and for many reasons.
1. It has a beautiful and serene campus
2. The facilities are better than the best health or sports clubs
3. The rooms are 3 or 4 star quality and so is the room service
4. Its a self contained facility and you get 'anything' required for daily use right there.
5. Though not the very best food, there sure is variety.
6. I dont think they get much work done out there. :-)

We were there for little over a day and here are some sights.

The Entrance:

The Main Lane:

Where we stayed:

Clients Guest House:

Multiplex inside the campus:

Amazing Swimming Pool:

Spot Me: :-))

The Cricket Ground:

Bowling Alley Too!

Kamath Upchaar on the way back, so very cultural!

One thing that I have to point out after the whole experience is that, Infy is doing something that is very dicey here. On one hand, they are giving the "very best" facilities for freshers, something that no other company in India will come even close to! On the other hand, they are introducing a very one sided look of the whole dog-eat-dog software world. Imagine having their stipend in pocket and all these facilities absolutely free for 3 months and then coming and staying in a single BHK in Bangalore with 2 other friends in crowded BTM layout and further getting stuck in the infy bus during peak hour traffic! Not to mention that infy does not challenge most when it comes to work or money. This place is what dreams are made of and the harsh reality will dawn on these kids faster and harsher than they would have liked or otherwise expected.
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