Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sporty Sunday

It was deemed super sunday by the media and it has been one in terms of the broadcasting fight for sure. But for sheer sports quality, there have been better days.

1. Schumachers claims go down the drain as Alonso wins again
2. Dutch were not good as such, but Serbia&Montenegro didnt count for much.
3. Indians cut loose, but the windies never had any juice.
4. Federer played out of his skin, but nadal makes the clay look like water and that he had fins!

Lets wait for the Mexican run against Iran and hope for Portugal to not be goal frugal.

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Reshma said...

I felt that yesterday was a great day in tennis. This match was one among the greatest matches I have seen lately. Federer did his best but Nadal was too much for him.