Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Movie Review: X-Men 3

The effect of Davinci code the week before had to be cleansed and done so in a hurry, hence we decided to have a looksie at X-Men 3. Though the movie by itself was ok, it was not good enough to make any sort of impact beyond the 2+ hours at the movies.

X-Men 3 revolves around the same tried, tested and tired characters of the previous episodes. There is the odd new mutant who generates the usual "I wish I had that power" feeling. There is this guy called juggernaut, who once gains momentum cannot be stopped. There is also this lady who is very very quick and can move many feet at the blink of an eye. Also, the main hero (or is it villain?) of the story is this kid who is a mutant whose power is that he can neutralize the mutant nature of any mutant, Duh! Some "homo sapiens" decide to use this kid to create an injection which can de-mutanize mutants. This threat to the mutant community has to be stopped and that forms the crux of the whole story. Looks like the kid also had an effect on the story writer of this episode, he sure got de-storyfied as he tried to weave us one!

The story is so lacking in character that they decide to bring back Class 5 mutant Jane from the dead(remember the dam that burst and killed her in Part 2?). Ok, she is back to life, and guess what is her first act on re-birth?? Kill her boyfriend! She then goes on to kick Wolverives ass and furthur kill Dr.Charles himself(Capt. Jean Luc Picard of Starship enterprise). Along the way the sexy Rebecca Romijn who acts as Mystique is also de-mutanized and so is Magneto towards the very end. Now, Jane who has lost all control of her powers has to be stopped and Wolverive does his hero thingy and kills her in the end, so there goes Jane too. So, as you can see, anybody worth their salt has been killed already and fox wants more?

Overall, I feel the movie was not boring though it had some glaring holes. I would give it 62% and I think I am being benevolent here. :-)

Till the next interesting movie, so long.... hey wait a sec, isnt MI-3 round the corner?? ;-)
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Reshma said...

I personally feel that X-men 3 was very good. Even though all the important characters are dead/demutinized, there is still Magneto who is trying to use his powers. Among the movies which I saw recently, I feel this is the best!!!

sanjay said...

if you didnt like x-men 3, staayy away from mi-3.
its another no-brainer movie with sequences as outrageous (bollywood ishtyle) as mi2.

Ajay said...

Resh, You feel x-men 3 is good coz you/we have been seeing some really bad movies. :-)

Ajay said...

MI-3 that bad?? hmm.. ok, lemme wait on it then.

BTW, Sanjay, did you like MI-3?

sanjay said...

no i didnt like it. but no regrets watching it. pure time pass