Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Success - What does it take?

Ever wondered what it takes to make a successful company? Its difficult to join a cisco or for that matter an infosys now and try figuring that out. The reason is that the paradigm for being successful day in and day out changes ever so often and what helps cisco succeed today is not what enabled them to be "cisco" to start with.

Take for e.g. myspace. There were many services which did similar stuff, but not quite what myspace does. The giants, yahoo, amazon and google were around and none figured that there was a market in socializing. How did a .com company make it big in a such a way even after the .com burst??

Just take a look at the above stats, amazing!! Also, the number of hits and page views is second only to yahoo. They are the sixth largest search engine and they don't even concentrate on search as an area of business!

Embrace web2.0, its here to change YOUR world!
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