Tuesday, June 27, 2006

India Inc. goes International

Nobody could have missed the Mittal-Arcelor deal making headlines, all of 33B$!! Now, we can hear all kinda kudos and India goes global etc etc coming out. But the fact is, two huge european firms merged to form a mammoth one, thats it!

This does not mean that India Inc is not going places.
1. Wipro acquires mPower (28M$)
2. Wipro acquires NewLogic (56M$)
3. Wipro acquires NerveWire (19M$)
4. Wipro acquires Enabler (53M$)
5. Wipro acquiers Saraware (32M$)
6. Tata Tea acquires Tetly (271M$)
7. Tata Coffee acquires Eight O' Clock Coffee (220M$)
8. SBI acquires Jakarta Bank(76% stake)
9. SBI acquires Indian Ocean International Bank in Mauritius (8M$)
10. SBI acquires Giro Commercial Bank(7M$)
11. Subex acquires Azure(140M$)

Now... there are many more that I haven't listed and can't remember. Some of the above are single digit million dollars and some are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. But what is important is...WE are acquiring these firms. From a country that didnt have anything but self reliance in food to this is quite an achievement. A comparative study with other economies may make this statistic look a little pale, but the fact that we are a democracy counts for a lot more! worthy

What made me specially proud are the Tata acquisitions, more specifically the Tetley Tea acquisition. Say what you want about one world, but what the English did to us cannot be forgotten in 10-15 something years of invite into one world!!

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