Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blogging Eye Candy

For a while I have been feeling the need to be able to group the blog entries. For e.g. what have been my thoughts on dravids captaincy during his tenure. If I were to trust bloggers archiving and search abilities, it would take me a long time to get this collated, not to mention it being cumbersome. Ideally there should have been a way to categorize the blog entries. Unfortunately this feature is not present in blogspot. Hence with some help I have managed to integrate social bookmarking site with my blog to mimic categorizing. They should come up at the bottom of each post with a small icon. Check it out! :-)

Come to think of it, there are many features lacking in blogger, though I didn't know better when I started blogging. The interest to blog was such a sudden one that I didn't do due research to choose the right one. I am disappointed more so because blogger is a google company! In fact blogger was one of the earliest at this game and after having taken over by google, they should have gone strength to strength! The other boys out there are pretty good for e.g. wordpress, typepad, livejournal etc. Some have paid services too, but I think free stuff is more than enough for most people.

Since I am anyway at it, why not do some google bashing for a change? What is google really good at? When you think of it, they have got:
1. Mail - But with yahoos new interface, GMail has a tough fight to the top.
2. Video sharing - Google video is decent, but definitely YouTube is the preferred service here.
3. Blogging - As written, Blogger is not as feature rich as the other guys around.
4. Chat - GTalk definitely has not been adopted to any kind of popularity, Yahoo still rocks for chat while Skype suits voice the most.
5. Calendar - Google calendar is decent, but looks like Yahoo has a more seasoned(pun?) solution.
6. Feed Reader - Google reader is simple to use but lacks the features of others.
7. Social Networking - Orkut is very yuppy, but social space is ruled by MySpace, while professional networking continues to be LinkedIn's speciality.
8. Google Finance, Google Spreadsheet - Lets wait and watch.....

So, what is google really good at? Yup, the old bastion, search. They continue to be the best at it and will remain the best. It almost seems that the others have given up on their fight with google for the search leadership. Yahoo is omnipresent, but that does not prove its search effectiveness in any way. What is more surprising is that there a slew of web 2.0 apps coming up for almost everything except search!

Though I personally use many of google products, I feel that they are diluting their claim to fame by venturing too fast into too many areas while not going too deep in any.

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