Sunday, June 25, 2006

Teamgeist - Whatever!

The official name of the football used this world cup is teamgeist which means team spirit. But the match that I am watching as I write this is one that puts the well intentioned organizers who named the football to shame. It was as if the teams were under the influence of spirit!

Two of my favourite teams in this world cup, Portugal and Netherlands are playing one of the most gripping and volatile matches of the world cup. Its knockout stage and there is no love lost between them. To the minute there are 4 redcards and more than half a dozen yellow cards. It all started by the silliest of challenges on the wonder kid, Christiano Ronaldo (whose world cup may be over) and it just went downhill from then. The referee lost it big time and had his hand stuck to his pocket to keep removing the yellow cards.

I think Portugal will win this match, but they are bound to feel the pinch of red carded Deco and Costinha and a host of yellow carded players(including Figo, Maniche, Valente and more) who will be on the verge of suspension next match.

Crazy match, great attacks, short tempers....Disappointment!

It was not football, it was a battle at Nuremberg! tongue
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