Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sri Sri Lara Maharaj

Cricket is a funny game and if you watch as much cricket as I do, you end up seeing some really hilarious incidents happening on the ground.

Not so long ago, during the Ind vs WI ODI Series, a ball was bowled which resulted in a possible runout scenario and when the players turned towards the square leg umpire to appeal, they didn't find one! Umpire Doctrove in between the overs decided to take a stroll to take care of some obstruction behind the sightscreen. Nobody noticed this and luckily we had TV replays to guide us! You should have seen the face of Sehwag and Raina when they didn't see the umpire at square leg. :-))

Yesterday, 4th day of the 1st test match between Ind vs WI, another very funny thing happened. Actually I am yet to decide between two extreme emotions that came up in my mind when I saw what was happening, that of extreme anger and hysterical laughter. Who the hell is Lara to tell Dhoni "I think you should walk" ??? If Dravid calls him back, he can and is within his right. But the captain to gain out of the situation has absolutely no right to open his mouth, let alone patronise Dhoni and literally ridicule the umpires. Dhoni just respected Lara and walked away, also, India was in a very strong position by then and on the verge of declaring. Imagine Lara walking up to every other batsman and telling this "I think you should walk off. What they [my players] say is going to be the truth". Sheer crazy!!

Also, the 3rd umpire who was to decide was again Mr.Doctrove... is this chap on a mission to feature prominently in "crickets most hilarious ever" list ?? Cricket... always a conundrum of events.

I am watching the live telecast of Day 5 and we had Chris Gayle you had Kumbles ball hit his bat and then his glove and go to Dhoni. Indians appealed and it was turned down. Gayle stood his ground and didn't volunteer to walk off. Now, this by itself is ok, after all Gayle is no Lara. But then, Lara was the non striker. How could he let Gayle continue?? Lara Lara Lara ... how sentimentally stupid art thou!
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