Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Uncle Sams Sidhu

Navjot Sidhu is one special character. Not long ago he was this funny looking cricketer who would without fail make runs for India, i.e. if he managed to stay fit. nose smile To jog your memory, he was once accused of having killed a person during a scuffle. After his retirement days, he started doing what every tom, dick and ranatunga does these days, commentate. He again courted controversy when he showered some expletives on the unsuspecting co-commentator Alan Wilkins and was fired. He resurfaced as a "specialist" in some news channels. Some time dabbling on TV and the man decides to take a plunge into politics. Since the last lok sabha elections were supposed to be a cake walk for BJP, our man joins the BJP. His party gets booted out but Sidhu wins! Does he stop here? nope... the man is back hosting the controversial "Great Indian Laughter challenge". So.. in short Sidhu has an ability to court controversy with or without his Sidhuisms.

Now if a developing country like India can have a talent like Sidhu, the leader of the world, US, has got to have someone damn good! They don't disappoint anyone and chose the very best among them as their president! nose smile Bush has his onliners and they are called Bushisms. I have a feeling that "Sidhuism" came from "Bushism". What y'all think? Sample some Bushisms for your laughing pleasure. nose grin

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