Thursday, August 10, 2006

SE .. Yawn

This is now getting boring. Another walkman based, candy bar phone from Sony Ericsson, K618.

C'mon SE, we got the point! Walkman branding on phones is good and the phones are also decent. But its about time SE started innovating! All they are doing is adding a button here, removing a button there! Look at the competition... as much as I hate to say this, Nokia N Series is really good! N60 is kinda sucky and slow, but the rest of the phones are impressive! Look at the N9* series, outrageous designs, the N8* series, a slider with a difference and the N73 is the most compact candy bar style feature rich phone I have seen in a while.

I also came across, this "lifestyle" product from sony.

Its basically a gaming + music console with WiFi to connect to the net for emailing. A weird mix of features... but I guess you never know what the people may take fancy to. cool

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