Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NRIs in India?

India celebrated its 59th independence day yesterday. Most kids were excited as they had some function in their schools. The adults saw this as a good opportunity to sack out in the middle of the week and showed their patriotism by having a fluttering flag or two in their vehicles. But one thing that was common to most of the employed people was that their offices were closed. Aug 15th is a national holiday, whether you feel patriotic or not. Its more of a chance for you to do something 'if' you feel patriotic, maybe even watch some speeches on television. Though this post underplays the individual significance of this day somewhat, the bottom line is that it is important for every citizen to have the right to express his feelings/thoughts on this day and "office work" should not be a reason for the person not being able to do so.

Now coming to the culprits, the IT Enabled Services sector. Many of the BPOs and Call centers in Bangalore were working yesterday. They apparently put up a bold face and said they celebrated in office and all that baloney, but still the fact that they get to celebrate July 4th or the Memorial day and not their own independence day is down right ridiculous! How can these establishments do this? Does government give them permission to do it? Why can't these businesses stand up to their counterparts around the world and explain the significance of national holidays? Hell, why do they even have to explain anything! "Its a national holiday and we don't work today."

Well.. I guess not everyone felt independent on Independence day! straight face

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Rajesh Dangi said...

we apt and relevent...i am sure we have thousands of plants in India which do run on all halidays and very few volenteer to this as the chioce is not even with the working class...

Ajay said...

Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for visiting. Its quite strange that something this outrageous is allowed to go on! If an establishment were to be running on Karnataka Rajyotsava day, I am sure there will be stones hurled.

Surprising our Independence day does not arise the same fervor. :-(