Sunday, August 20, 2006

Death Knell?

Cricket is hurting and even the weather gods are not feeling sorry. The India/Sri Lanka/South Africa tri-series which later became a bi-series is now a no series. There are other things that went wrong other than the weather here, the bombing. Bombs are not falling in South Africa but in Sri Lanka and the hosts have the audacity to not acknowledge that as a threat and understand the sentiments of a visiting team?? I just can't understand the flak that the South Africa team is taking for their withdrawal from the series! They chose to care for their life and this is a crime? And in the same vein, the Indian team is applauded for staying put? Just because the Indian cricket board/players are greedy enough to stick around, should they be made into heroes? The way the series was transformed into a 3 match series and then the first match being split over two days, desperately ridiculous!

Now, lets turn our attention to the Pak v Eng series. With a whitewash written all over them, Pakistan took the ground for the 3rd test with a face saving attitude. To their surprise England buckled and Pak had a upper hand. Now, if you are at tea on the 4th day and the opposition is 4 wickets down and still trailing your score, I think you would be considered the favorites to win. To tamper the ball at such a juncture? Moronic! angry The drama that unfolded is soap opera at its best. First the Pak team doesn't show up, then the umpires don't show up and in the end England win?? This Darryl Hair is a "Pain in the Ass"! This fellow has it in for the asian teams, be it Sri Lanka [Murali Chucking], India [LBW's] or now Pakistan. He has not officiated in a test in Australia since 2001. Anyone wondered why?? But this game we love is full of such unexplainable realities.

Now for the other test playing nations not playing any series right now...

West Indies - Been resurrecting forever! Lara doesn't help their cause much.
Bangladesh - Still minnows... will they ever become any better?
Zimbabwe - The game is gonna die here soon and no one can do anything to stop it.

New Zealand, Australia are doing ok for now probably coz they are not playing right now. nose smile A game that has its numbers dwindling in terms of teams and supporters, cricket is at a very serious risk of becoming just another sport or being reduced to something more mundane! frown

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