Friday, August 18, 2006

New Joinees

Its been a while since I bought something gadgety. nose smile or maybe not.... nose grin

After 3+ years I said good bye to my beloved Sony Ericsson T610. Its not gone too far away, my wife is going to be using it. And this gave me a reason to finally buy the mobile I have been tracking for almost a year, the Sony Ericsson K750i!

I had been reading up on it on forums even before it got released and when it got to India it was 22K! I bought the T610 for 19K in 2003 and its now worth the same as a Nokia 1100. I somehow didn't want that feeling of "oops, have I gone overboard" all over again. Hence I waited and waited and waited... Then came along this deal of 0% interest EMI scheme, which compounded with the price drop to 11.5K are all the reasons I needed. I am happy! nose grin

I also did some gadget shopping on impulse... yup on impulse, quite unbecoming of me, but it happened and I think it turned out ok. I got myself "Altec Lansing" headphones.

I am yet to use it much, but plan to use this in office which is where most of my music time is anyway.

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