Sunday, August 27, 2006

A gadgetry oxymoron

How many of you have heard of or seen a Vertu? Don't feel left out if your brain just went "What the heck is a vertu?". Thatz what majority of the world would say. These are really high end phones with all the ultra necessary mobile phone features like rubies and diamonds in them and none of the useless features like bluetooth, EDGE etc. nose smile A Nokia company, the vertu phones are so costly that only people who are filthy rich give it to people whom they really care for, like Karan Johar to SRK. wink big nose

To woo the mere mortal public, like us, Vertu have now come up with an affordable range called the constellation series. Though the price is not disclosed, my guess is that we will all be able to afford a 10 lakh rupees phone. nose grin

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