Saturday, August 12, 2006

Indian IT coming of age?

Indian IT has been excelling in the service business for some time now, examples being Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Satyam etc. Then there were the multinational service companies that have found abode in India, examples being IBM, CTS etc. There are also big multinational companies that have housed in India, examples being Motorola, Lucent, Intel etc. There are also a bunch of small product based companies, but rarely do you find homegrown product based companies. Even if you find them, very few have hit the big league.

Over the last couple of years there have been calls for the Indian IT to push itself up the value chain. The IT enabled services, in my opinion are pushing us down the value chain and that has unfortunately been the focus. ITES does give our youngsters a lot of jobs and a good pay, but still the search for the next Elbonia will always be on and that is a permanent fear. I believe growing up the value chain is something Texas Instruments India has managed. They actually deliver products from conception to delivery from India, which is kinda rare. There are quite a few startups I can think of now which are cropping up but I will not detail them in this post. I wanted to concentrate more on companies which have gained a footing for themselves already. One such company whose products I have used before and also written about is Adventnet. What I didn't know was that its a Chennai based company and has been doing pretty well for itself. They seem to have made a quite but nice transition to the web2.0 scheme of things. Imagine making a product like Zoho and taking on Googles Writely and Microsoft Office Suite! Now that takes some guts!!

Heres wishing them the very best and hopefully more companies from India will follow suit. cool

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Arvind said...

Nice post, Ajay. Thanks for mentioning Zoho. And, thanks for your wishes too! We too hope more Indian companies go the product way soon.

Ajay said...

Thanks for the comment Arvind and hoping to hear more good stuff from and about zoho.