Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Guns go Silent

The war is over! Yup, Israel have stopped their guns, Hezbollah have stopped their guns. People have started moving back to South Lebanon slowly and some may never move back. What does Israel feel on how the war went? What about the Hezbollah? Well.. they both think they won! A nice war ain't it, where both sides have won. I did think it would come to this and probably most people watching it from the outside would have felt the same. In today's world, no single nation can win a war... no way! It has to be a collaborative effort of like minded nations. Hence, if terrorism has to be beaten, like minded nations have to join hands. Enough idealism and all this sounds great... but think of the current situation.

US Likes Israel Hates Palestine Loved by India hated by Pakistan loved by China hated by Taiwan Loved by US hated by Cuba loved by Venezuela hated by.... never gonna end. Well... welcome to "One World {Of Love & Hate}" nose smile

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