Tuesday, August 08, 2006


After travelling to a few countries in the world and having watched local TV in all of these, I had come to a conclusion that Indian TV Ads (in general) are way more sensible, funny and have more retention power than the Ads in these countries. And then an Ad happens....

I am referring to the monsterindia.com Ad that comes on TV these days. Its about how they can help people get the right job. This Ad has been running for some time now, but I guess a dented car can bring the best(worst) out of you. So anywayz, I see this Ad and suddenly find it totally missing the point, if you think about it hard enough. The Ad shows a guy dressed in cricket gear washing clothes in a dhobi-ghat and then goes on to show a lady in Bharatnatyam attire guiding an aeroplane to a halt off a runway. Here the desired jobs of these individuals being playing cricket and dancing Bharatnatyam.

Can monsterindia.com get a job for a guy who wants to play cricket or a lady who wants to dance Bharatnatyam?? Were there no other examples to cite? Duh!!

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Srikanth_iyer said...

It is because of idiots like you marketers say that 50% of marketing budget is wasted. The ad makes a simple point effectively. Just a piece of advice: Don't pursue a career in advertising.

Ajay said...

Hi Srikanth,

A very passionate reply. :-) It looks like you were involved in some way in making the Ad coz you searched specifically for monsterindia.com in blogger!

I am a consumer and I am the king! The Ad people have to impress me and this Ad sucked in my opinion. 50% of marketing budget is wasted coz the Ad guyz couldn't reach 50% of the people with their idea!

I am happy with the job I have and prefer being on this side of the Ad world... And thanks for visiting! :-)