Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Losing Money... Effortlessly

How to lose money - Idea No:54

1. Get yourself a job in a startup which has no dedicated parking space.
2. Buy yourself a bigger than hatchback but smaller than sedan car.
3. Get to office late enough so that all the decent parking slots are taken.
4. Try to do the right thing by taking the trouble to park the car such that its easier while taking it out in the evening.
5. Have construction happening in the adjoining site to your office.
6. Have a senseless moron who rides a cycle working there.
7. Hope that his pea-brain computes that he can squeeze his cycle through the eye of a needle.

Eureka... you just have managed a dent in your car bad enough to cost you Rs.10000! angryangryangryangry

p.s: It helps if your name starts with "A".
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