Monday, August 14, 2006

M$ waking up

Micro$oft today released a free download of their blogging tool, Live Writer. They already had a blogging platform(still catching up) and have now tried to appease a larger crowd by giving away an editor for blogging with their platform and also other popular platforms like blogger, wordpress etc.

I am posting this using the editor. I have used the performancing plugin for firefox quite a bit and also tried Qumana. The reason why I still prefer the main blogger publishing interface is because we can have quite a few useful greasemonkey scripts(only firefox) to help in posting(e.g. categories). The Live Writer has also opened its APIs for external plugins and will have to wait and watch for some useful plugins. It is supposed to have support for tagging, but I am yet to figure it out. If I do, then I am gonna use this tool, else its back to blogger.

A useful and decently working tool, nonetheless. :-)


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