Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I had to...

How many of us are on orkut? The answer would be "most" if not all! Almost every youngling I meet spends a lot of time on the net "orkuting".

I had ignored orkut and continue to, but this kind of following compelled me to do some basic looksie. I started with the wiki and went around some other sites and also the creator, Orkut Büyükkökten's homepage. Some websites carried stats of how much money he would make each time someone joined, someone referred, put up a scrap etc etc. Honestly, I thinks its all imaginary, as at the rate at which the orkut community is growing(though dwarfed by myspace), he is bound to make more money out of it than google itself!!

Also, interesting was how the wiki stats put India as the country where orkut has the 3rd highest penetration! Though this on one side points to how much Indians love to continue the social bonds they formed in school, college, job etc., it also indicates that social networking has arrived in India. The second I say with a hue of fear as the side effects of social networking are ugly. frown

Talking of google, Google Talk got a face lift last week and so did Yahoo Messenger. The changes by Yahoo are more telling, coz they have set aside their differences with MSN and now, support MSN ids inside yahoo! If my enemy is same as your enemy, then we are friends! wink nose

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Google not putting up much of a fight, is it?

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