Saturday, May 06, 2006


After a loong break, I am back! The last week has been a first in many ways when it comes to my blogging. It was the first time since I started blogging that:
1. I didn't update my blog
2. Didn't think of updating my blog
3. When it did cross my mind, I didn't want to update my blog!

No No... I have not lost my interest in blogging, just that last week was unexpectedly hectic at office and blogging was nowhere near my priority list. This last week gave me a new found respect for regular bloggers. To be able to take time away from any kind of schedule and continue to express yourself, thatz just fantabulous. But of course, many of them do tools to make life easy. :-)

I managed something last week which I am sure very few or rather none of you would have done. I drove at 100kmph on airport road, yessirebob, this miracle happened on one of the days when I was in office very late. I dropped off one of my colleagues near domlur and got home  via airport road. What a nice road, what a nice drive! Sigh!

But with Mr.Jairaj back at the helm, maybe my airport road miracle will become reality soon. :-) Optimism never killed anyone... or has it?!?

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