Saturday, May 20, 2006

Movie Review - Fight Club {English}

How many people have been waiting for a Matrix like movie experience? A mind altering fresh(though twisted) way off looking at life and way to live it? ok ok... before I hype it too much, lets get to the point.

BTW, I watched this as a DVD that I borrowed from 'dimpy' who has a penchant for downloading
songs. movies etc and at the end of it buys the same songs, movies etc. The guys confuses the shit out of the anti-piracy police. :-)

Anywayz, the movie was one I have been seeing over 3 weeks. Each time I started watching it I fell asleep... so now, this should give you a feel that this movie is boring. Well, It is... for about 30-45 mins or so, and then it gets a hell of a lot more interesting. Its about this guy(s) who are desperately seeking a near life experience though very much alive. They decide that getting punched in their face and getting the shit beat outta them is the best way to do that(i.e. feel alive). What starts as a mock fight between 2 guys turns into "the" purpose of life for not just these two, but also for a lot more desperate people. Edward Norton is a fantastic actor as proven in movies like Primal Fear and Italian Job. He has probably given the performance of his career. Brad Pitt has also done a real good job and amazes with his superb dialogue delivery. In the true critics style, I give it 82% or in other words 8.2/10. ;-)

As I write this, I realize that I cannot write a complete review, as it would kill it for anyone who would want to see the movie later. The last 15-20 minutes of the movie is worth the whole movie!

So, I stop here....

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