Thursday, May 25, 2006

Getting too techie

How many of you have been following the recent ICC decision making process? They played around with the one-day rules like super sub and power plays and now have kept one and scrapped one. Not so long ago, they started the 3rd umpire usage which seems to have worked fine. They grappled with the idea of using 3rd umpires for LBW decisions. This was with the help of the "LBW mat" and "hawkeye" technological innovations which makes the job easier. This was subject to questioning and finally was dumped. I am all for technology helping the game get better, but I feel they are losing the plot now. The latest is to give the players the right to "challenge" a decision. This means that the umpire can tell that a batsman is out/not out and the affected captain can challenge the decision. The TV replays will then be used to decide the fate.

Now, the reason why I feel this is absurd is because as it is, umpires find it very difficult to control the anger/anguish/antics of the players. Add to this the fact that his decisions will be questioned and dissected by the players, let alone the commentators, is definitely an embarrassment. The "respect" that is gained with such hard work is lost. The umpire should not feel that he will be questioned, more so on the field!

Even after incidents like "hand of god" and the ever controversial off side rules, football never accepted any invasion by technology. And the "other" football, american football, which extensively uses technology is something I just don't enjoy, coz there is no flow to the game. Its always in stutters and that breaks the rhythm of viewing a good game.

Anything in moderation is acceptable and appreciated, and overdose of anything will result in losing interest in the same.
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