Thursday, May 18, 2006


This is an article I across today and this totally confuses me. Now, on an yearly basis we spend many times the amount on defence than education(and our solution is quota?). No one wants us to lose more of our nation to Pak or the Dragon than what we have already lost. But, a robot army? Should we even start spending a single penny on this? Whom are we trying to emulate? Ambitious, sure.... pragmatic, definitely not!

Though I dont think the PM will be losing much sleep(thats sonias job) over the recent election results, they still prove that the ever famous "complacency factor" keeps poppinh its head every election. In Kerala, Oomen Chandy wasn't necessarily doing a bad job, but Achu takes his seat. Congress got kicked big-time here. In TamilNadu, though Karunanidhi won, he was desperate enough to overthrow Amma that DMK contest only from 65% of the seats that they normally contest from. Congress did win a few but they remain precious few. Bengal was no surpise with Buddha doing a fine job, so another congress rout. Assam was better for them I suppose, but then, the north east never really count in india politics.

... And in the middle of all this, the jokers and their jokes continue! Mr.PM, at this rate, you will need to have robot voters to bring you back to power the next time!

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