Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dominoes Lined up

Today Bangalore received a dose of summer rain. It was fast, furious, dark and very short. We all at office loved it though and it sure was a welcome respite from the incessant and uncharacteristic hot weather off late. But, it also opened a very unhappy can of worms...

Bangalore's infrastructure is on the up. We have sanctions for the metro already out, the international airport is almost done and most of the flyovers under construction are limping to completion... now with this positive backdrop, why would I feel that Bangalore has the dominoes lined up? Well, these are the reasons:
1. A small spat of rain and we already had 4+ hours of power down.
2. A small spat of rain and we already had a 2 hour traffic jam in hosur road(from trusted sources)
3. A small spat of rain and we already have worries of last year coming back to haunt.

Basically, the infra has not improved enough to change the situation that happened last year, i.e., assuming that we get hit by the same amount of rain. But then, I am a compulsive optimist when it comes to Bangalore. This unfortunately has less to do with my confidence in our administration and more to do with the fact that I am a "Bangalorean"!!

Anywayz, we have a very hard to tackle rainy time waiting for us in the months to come....

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